Who we are

We are an active investment firm.
We believe markets are not at all times efficient.

Daneizo Capital is the small and mid cap specialist investment arm of Gestron Asset Management SA. We invests in the equity markets using fundamental analysis. It is an active investment firm that relies on its internally developed investment process based on the value investing philosophy.

At Daneizo Capital we believe markets are not at all times efficient, creating investment opportunities that we seek to exploit.

Our values

Truth is like the sun.
It casts light on everything but does not let itself be stared at.
Victor Hugo

Investment philosophy

Based on three cornerstones


We employ fundamental analysis as we believe investors are faced with two principle interrelated risks while investing in the equity markets: the fundamental risk of the business and the price risk from owning securities trading above their intrinsic value.

We use our internally developed alpha technology to evaluate investment opportunities. The process combines a business analysis framework with a valuation technology.


We put an emphasis on the quality of the businesses that we invest in but remain disciplined in terms of valuation. This means that the quality of the business will determine the level of margin of safety required.


Sustainability is integrated into our investment process.  We understand that companies depend on environmental, social and governance (ESG) systems to create value. Therefore, economic activity that is not sustainable has a higher probability of diminishing returns.


Smaller European Companies

The Smaller European Companies is a long-only strategy which invests in the equity of listed continental European and UK companies with a market capitalisation below EUR3B. Daneizo Capital’s investment philosophy, process and risk management approach is applied.

Long-term Minority Investments

Daneizo Capital invests alongside a family or an entrepreneur in listed businesses where we have developed a strong conviction using our fundamental value framework. The investment size is ideally between EUR5-20M for a minority stake.


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